Team Link - Men's

Players looking to join a team are listed here.  Teams looking for players in red.

Please notify us at when you connect with a team so that we may remove your info from the list.

League Code League Code
Adult A Mixed M
Tri-Level T Combo C
Division Code Division Code   
Adult 18+ A18 Adult 55+ A55
Adult 40+ A40 Adult 65+ A65
Name Division Level League e-mail address
 Anith Larson  A/M/C  2.5  A18/A40
 Terrance Jackson  A/T/C  3.0  A18/A40
 Jim McCullough  A,C  3.0  A18
 Rupert Yen  A  3.5  A40
 Rick Downey  A,M  3.5  A18/40/55
 Brec Esnard  A  3.5  A40
 Steve Sheridan  A  3.5  A55
 Davis Jeu  A,T,M,C  3.5  A18/40/55
 Randall Binder  A  3.5  A18
 Jim Rowland  A/M  3.5  A55/65
 Frank Day  A  3.5  A18/A40
 Tim Walsh  A,M  3.5  A18
 David Thomas  A  4.0  A55
 Jim Trimble  A  4.0  A40/55