901 Rookie Ralliers

Have you recently started to play tennis, but not yet confident in your skills to join a USTA team?


901 Rookie Ralliers is the perfect launching point for you! Intended for 2.5 USTA-rated players, or beginner players who know how to:

  • Serve and overhead serve
  • keep game and set score
  • Rally back and forth at least 3-4 times across the net


This mixed, drop-in social league is perfect for all those looking to improve their game skills, meet new friends, and get connected in the Memphis tennis community.


Your registration covers court fees, tennis balls, and refreshments. You will play 2-3 pro-set matches with no-ad scoring. Partners will be shuffled after each set to give you the opportunity to play with new partners and make new friends.


Register today for 1 or all 6 sessions!


Start Date: Friday, August 23rd

Time: 5:30PM - 7:00PM

Location: Leftwich Tennis Center



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