USTA Adult Singles - Flex League

This is a flexible format league where a schedule is published and the players contact their opponents and set up a date, and a time and location to play their match. Scores are reported on tennislink, but matches do not count towards your rating. All age levels are combined into one bracket.
League Coordinator Email
Jackie Mills
08/01/2020 Registration Begins
09/07/2020 Registration Ends
Mid September Season Begins
Mid November Season Ends

Cost: $13


How to sign up?

Go to your USTA home page and go to "online team creation" under "Quick Links", which is on the right. You need to go through the prompts and choose "Southern", then choose "Tennessee", then choose "Memphis", and then choose "choose Adult Other Singles Spring 2019". PLEASE PLAY YOUR CURRENT NTRP RATING SO IT IS COMPETITIVE FOR ALL.


It is like you are creating a team just for yourself. You will get a team number. Team name should be your last name/ weekday or weekend (depending which you want) TN/Memphis/Mills/weekday. Put "both" if you can play either weekday or weekend.


Also, please check yourself as captain and put in a home court facility. If it will not allow you to pick a facility, just check independent facility and email Jackie Mills and she will put it in for you.


If you have any other issues, please contact Jackie Mills.


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